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Baltic Amber
Baltic Amber cut by hand
  Electron - Kachraman (Old cut amber - Yemen orange)
  Persian Faturan (1930-1960)
  Mixtures of amber - Mastic Amber (1900-1950)
  Komboloi - Amulet made of crystal
  Mixture of artificial resins
  Artificial Resin
  Natural Materials
Begleri made of Artificial resins
Begleri made of Mastic-Amber
Amulets with semi-precious stones
  Lucky charms
Prayer Ropes
Bracelets made of Artificial Resins
Bracelets made of old Artificial Resin mixtures
Bracelets made of Amber
  Bracelets made of Natural Materials
  Bracelets and Necklaces made of Mastic Amber
Key rings made of Greek Artificial Resin Mixture
Key rings made of Mastic-Amber
  Key rings made of old Egyptian Mixture
  Key rings - Amulets made of Artificial Resins
  Key rings made of solid baltic amber
  Key rings made of solid baltic amber with silver amulets