Transparent Faturan - Persian Bakelite 1930-1960

In the 19th century an Arab scientist called Faturan created an amber based mixture of amber and bakelite which got the name “Faturan” in his honor. It’s a procedure unknown to us today which entails the welding of amber and bakelite filings into a solid material. The authentic Faturan comes only in the shades of red because the craftsmen used to dye the filings with natural dyes, brandy or wine before welding them. The last kombolois of this type had been made by 1940 and are especially rare and therefore collectible. There is also another type of komboloi which is called “Transparent Faturan – Persian Bakelite” and it is made of a mixture of artificial resins and especially bakelite created in Persia during the period 1930-1960. This type of kombolois are the last remaining from that time and are also collectible because although they are still made today- called Faturan komboloi – they are in fact simple artificial resins (Faturan replicas).